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Our old basketball team was playing in a tournament in a town about 3 hours away, and Miek invited me to go with him and his dad to watch the games over the weekend, and we would be staying there at his grandma’s house….

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the next day me and harvey went to school and did are usal lessons and after school i had detention with miss carlton (she is a total bitch) when i went to my detention i kissed harvey goodbye and she said “we will have less of that mr spencer” me and harvey said “sorry miss carlton” as she was walking in the class room i put my middle finger up at her she turn around just after i had put my finger down and she said “shall we begin your punishment or is your social life more important” i said “bye harvey” i went into the class and sat down she handed me about ten sheets of paper and a pen and said “you will write i will not bully new students on all pages front and back with out any gaps” i began writing the line and about 10 minutes into writting them i looked up and she shouted “that another 30 line for looking up” i shot her a dirty look and she said “make that 50” i said “yes miss carlton” when i had wrote all the lines including the extra 50 she said to me “now your going to clean the gum off every bottom of the tables” she handed me a pair of science gloves to wear and gave me a plastic bag i did as she said but was so grossed out doing it when i had finished she finally said “you can go but i will see you tomorrow mr spencer” i said “why will you i only have 1 days worth of detention” she said “because your attitude to the punishment i gave you was not acceptable” i picked up my back pack and left her class i said “fucking bitch” when the door closed behind me

when i was outside of school i called harvey on my cell and said “babe please get a taxi and drive me home” harvey said “are you okay babe” i said “not really my fingers kill and so does my back” harvey said “okay see ya soon” about 15 minutes later my dads car pulled up infront of me my dad got out and said “what wrong with your fingers and your back” so i told him “miss carlton made me write lines and clean gum of the bottom of the desks” my dads looked angry and told me to follow him so i did harvey took me by my hand but held it lightly my dad said to me “what room is she in” i said “dad dont get invovled” but harvey had pointed the room out to him i let go of harveys hand and wispered “thanks” and shot him a dirty look my dad went into the class room and said “are you miss carlton?” she answered “yes” my dad said “who the hell are you to make my son write lines and clean gum off tables” miss cartlon said “you son had detention for attemping to hit a new student” my dad said “my son was defending him self as i hear it the student said gay drama when leonardo and harvey was arguing in class” miss carlton said “and dont you think bringing out of school problems into school is reason enough for detention” my dad said “no i dont i think you should have asked them to talk about there problems out of class anyway this still doesnt give you the right to make my son's hands and back hurt” miss carlton said “i am the detention officer i have the right to give what punishment i see fit” my dad said “fine i will be making an appointment with your boss” and walked out so i followed and miss carlton said to me “i will see you tomorrow for detention leonardo” my dad stormed back into the class room and said “no you wont” with that we left i got into my dads mercadies and laid over both back seats and got drove home when i got home are meal was ready but i wasnt hungry i really needed to lay down and i dont think i could have held any cutterly my mom said “you need to eat” i said “no mom i need to lay down please” she said “go ahead son” my dad spoke to my mom about the ten pages of lines i had to write and to clean the test room tables (wich has over 50 tables) my mom came upto my room and put a ice pack on my back i said “mom dont fuss im sure my back will be okay tomorrow” she said “okay son see ya in the morning me and your dad are going dancing” i smiled and said “have fun” harvey came into are room (after a bit of time he started calling it his second room lol so cute) he cuddled me and said “you okay babe” i said “babe im fine please dont fuss and i really wish my dad didnt argue with miss carlton” harvey said “well whats done is done babe” i said “i guess” harvey sat on my butt and said “im going to give you a massarge” (i was already topless) and i have to say it felt like heaven when he was rubbing his hands up and down my back it felt so good i was kinda getting a little to excited i told harvey to stop and i rearranged my dick so it didnt hurt harvey smiled and me and said “am i getting you all excited” i turn round so havey was sittin on my legs and i said “a little” harvey started rubbing my dick he took off my pants and my boxer short and jacked me off i wanted to jack harvey off but he wont let me because my finger was stilla little sore when i tried to he said “dont babe if your fingers are still hurting” i said “thats not fair” harvey said “its okay babe i like showing you attention” i kissed harvey good night and we both went to sleep in each others arms

to be continued xx,

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Date: December 23, 2021