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They got lucky this time, about thirty minutes later he called them back with Chico's address Blacks On Blondes – Live. She approved the hit
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I could feel the membrane pushing back against my swollen head and then it gave way, ” Astounded, I replied,, “you've got to be kidding!” Ann replied, “ I can't believe it either, you'd think Melinda would have guys fucking her all the time….

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the feeling of being full and the sheer thought that it was taboo sent me into afrenzy my control slipped my body ached to cum then i started to moan and trash on his gorgeous cock taking him as deep as i could , then the rush of my orgasm started from deep in me and sheer pleasure filled ever part of me, as i felt him tense then the flood of cum filling me and running out ,down my legs , i lost control and screamed in pleasure ,,more i wanted so much more , full of cum and exhausted i fell from under him and dragged myself to the side of the stall gasping for breath and still feeling the tremors rushing through my body, it was then i heard a voice and the click of the door, in horror i crawled to the door and peered out,, ohhhh fuck two women were running from the stables and i could see one holding a video camera,, ohhh fuck what have i done,, i crawled back to the stall, and started to undo the legs from my feet,, it was then i saw movement in the corner, in absolute horror i looked directly into the motion camera, looking around i saw more as i moved around they seemed to be following me, the fucking things were every were, i vomited , my mind racing my tears flowed and my whole body shook in despair, what have i done still limited in movement with these damn hobble around my feet and wrists, i looked desperately around for some sort of cloths or blanket any thing so i could get out of here, With that my mind went into blank mode i closed my eyes and slowly worked my mouth over that hard cock like i was on a mission, i just wanted to get it over with , fighting my tears i slurped and licked at him then as i found the taste becoming sweeter, and my mind playing tricks, still smelling that faint smell and lingering taste i associate with being between the legs of a horny woman, by thinking of making love to Joan i totally became horny and my sexual feelings began to accelerate , my mouth worked in a frenzy, suddenly i wanted him deep in side of me, The first twitch and sudden movement from him sent a tremble deep through me i felt him start to weep a sticky wet syrup into my mouth, the the shudder through him, i wanted so much to use my hands and engulfed him into my mouth as far as i could, the steadying hands from Joan stopped me falling over, suddenly i felt him erupt into my hungry mouth i nearly choked on the massive flood of horse cum, i gasped and uncontrollably swallowed the first mouth full, no choice but to let it slide down my throat, then the next flood took me by surprise and that to followed deep down my throat and i had no choice but to swallow all , the flared end was sealing my mouth and as much as i tried i couldnt spit out any cum all went to the pit of my stomach and more kept flowing , finally i pulled my face and mouth away gagging and choking , trying to steady myself on my new horse feet, the spurts of cum still pulsing ,but now all over my face and body dripping down and running down my sides to my arms and legs, slowly on shaky legs and arms i backed away and collapsed on the hay ,so exhausted and now the shame of what i had just done started to settle in

Duration: 10 minModel: Kisa ACountry: Russia

Date: December 7, 2021