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Viet Nam Tigresavip e o índio dotado (6 min)

I guess someone was near the door because he seemed to be listening out for something, and his massive hand was still squeezing my mouth shut,

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She the kissed me on the cheek I kissed her back but actually wanted to kiss her lips, any way I resisted it and then got my hand to lightly touch her ass it felt soft, Click here. She returned her mouth to my dick and began to suck it again I knew I could still maintain my erection after I came in her mouth so I just enjoyed her sucking for almost five minutes before telling her that I was about to cum, she placed her mouth around my dick head and moved her tongue all around it while pumping my dick with her hand, and I was in heaven as I shoot my load into her mouth, she just pumped my dick faster and faster wanting to get all the cum I could offer her when she was sure there was nothing more left she removed her mouth very carefully from my dick I was wondering why, and I did not have to wait long to find out why she opened her mouth and showed me my cum in her mouth I liked that sight

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Date: December 16, 2021